Hoe start ik met de Muurikka Outdoor Grillplaat?

Clean the new pan by washing it with mild detergent or hot water, heat the pan dry and give it the following treatment immediately after the cleaning: Wipe the pan with oil or spread a thin and even layer of Muurikka Silava Pork Fat all over the surface of the pan. Do not let the inner bottom of the pan be covered by a thick layer of fat or grease – when it burns, it will turn into an uneven mass. Heat up the pan on the gas burner, in the electric grill or on embers until the fat or grease darkens and dries at least in the middle of the pan. Whenever necessary, you can wash the pan and give it the
grease treatment. You can repeat the greasing and heating until the pan turns black, but this is not necessary as the pan will turn darker and patinate while it is used.

Hoe kan ik de Outdoor Grillplaat het best schoon maken?

Always clean the pan after use. It is easier to clean immediately after use. Pour a little water on the pan, boil it up and clean the pan with a spatula and paper towels. Wipe the pan dry and spread a thin layer of cooking oil or unsalted Muurikka Silava Pork Fat on the frying surface.

Hoe kan ik de Grillplaat het best bewaren?

Before storing the pan, clean, dry and grease the pan heating it with Muurikka Silava Pork Fat (heating removes the moisture from the pan and the fat protects it against rust). Store the pan in a dry place.

Wat houdt de garantie in?

The guarantee is valid one year from the day of purchase. The guarantee covers manufacturing and material defects. The guarantee does not apply to damage caused by the end user, corrosion or defects caused by neglect or lack of care or maintenance, carelessness or non-compliance with the instructions.

Hebben jullie een recept voor de rookoven?

Salt and season or marinate fresh, cleaned fish or fish fillets before smoking. You can also salt the fish after smoking, while they are still hot. If you use frozen fish, defrost the fish in a cool place and salt them before smoking.

Sprinkle a thin layer of clean, coarse alder chips suitable for smoking on the chip plate. Push in the chip plate and let it rest on the supports above the resistor (do not place the chip plate directly on the resistor). You can add more chips or moisten the chips, if they char too fast. Instead of chips you can use slices of alder. In that case the chip plate can be placed also on the resistor because the thick wood does not burn so quickly.

Arrange the fish in one layer on the gratings and push the gratings into the Smoking Oven over the drip plate. Put the cover on and put the plug into an earthed socket. We recommend the use of fault current protected socket. The smoking time depends on the amount and sizes of the fish. Small fish need 20 minutes and larger fish 50 – 60 minutes to get smoked. Fish is ready when the bones and the skin come off easily.

Remove the cord from the plug and take the fish out of the Smoking Oven. Wash the drip plate and the gratings as soon as possible after use. This way the steel parts will be as good as new for a long time. For cleaning the Smoking Oven, the resistor can be removed by loosening the fixing screw at the lower edge of the opening. After cleaning, put the resistor with the support frame back in place and tighten the screw. Store the Smoking Oven with the legs downwards.

It is worth opening the cover of the Smoking Oven a little at the beginning of smoking to let the very black smokes out. Then the fish/meat tastes better and no pressure can develop inside the Smoking Oven.